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Having established itself as a leading player in the Domestic Market, and to leverage its strong manufacturing, distribution and marketing capabilities, the Trugen Pharmaceuticals has recently ventured into several semi-regulated emerging markets across the world and also welcome to new customers for 3rd party contact manfuacturing of formulations.
Trugen products can now be found in many countries for export are
Introduction of new products in existing markets and entry into new markets will be the on-going strategy to develop the export business; besides emphasis on marketing activities, by providing training and promotional inputs to meet the specific needs of the market.
With substantial product registrations already completed and more in the pipeline, the Trugen Pharmaceuticals will continue to significantly improve the reach, availability and contribution from international markets.Trugen group are seeking alliance with distributors and suppliers of repute from across the globe on long term basis. We stand for healing people with quality drugs at affordable prices.
We are globally marketing our own brands and offer more than 114 Trugen Brands for international promotion. We have expertise to manufacture more than 550 Generic formulations for international markets in different dosage forms like Tablets, Capsules, Oral liquid syrup & Sachets.
Trugen Pharmaceuticals seeking for new clients rest of International markets & Our international markets for pharmaceutical products now include several emerging country markets.